Thirty Days in Technicolor is ONE!

Thirty Days in Technicolor is ONE!

Thirty Days in Technicolor was released into the wild one year ago today!

I loved writing this novella so much and I love that all the readers have loved Val and Dylan’s story too. I think about these two characters a lot and love to play the what are they up to game. Who knows, we may see them again in the future,

But for now, I want to celebrate!

For a limited time only, I’ve made this novella available for only .99!

You can grab it at this price on Amazon, Kobo, or

I hope you read and enjoy!

Do you want to be on my ARC team?

Do you love to be part of the exclusive crowd that gets to read and review books before the public?

Well guess what?!

I’m opening up spots on my ARC and Review Team:


I’ll be going through the applications in a couple of weeks in time to choose readers for the upcoming YA release of Dear Summer.

Selected members will be notified via email!

Come Join the Fun!

Come Join the Fun!

I now have a reader group!

Santana’s Sweethearts is NOW LIVE and I’m so excited to get some activity going in my own little corner of Facebook. I would love it if you came over and joined today!
I want this group to be a positive place where we can talk and get to know each other.
Plus, now that I have a special group I have a reason to hold some special giveaways and give first looks at what’s going on in this brain of mine.

Click the link to join and make sure you read the pinned post — this is where I tell you what the group is all about.


I’m planning a special giveaway this weekend for SWEETHEARTS only so don’t miss out!

Signing News for 2018

Signing News for 2018

In case you missed it, I wanted to let you all know that I will be signing at the For The Love of Books and Boston event. This event will be held next year in Downtown Boston on March 3, 2018.

I hope that I’ll get to see some of you there!

Tickets are on sale now:

Once you grab your tickets make sure you join the attendee group –


In a couple of months I will be opening up a special preorder form for the event so everyone attending will be able to make sure that whatever books of mine that they are hoping to purchase at the event will definitely be there!




In celebration of the 1yr publi-versary of And She Called Him Romeo, I decided that today I am sharing a bonus short epilogue that catches up with the married Jayson and Brooke on a date night.

These characters will always be favorites of mine and I love being able to revisit them. I hope you enjoy this short but sweet treat…

Date Night

“That kid is lucky he’s so cute.” Brooke let out a long-suffering sigh as she entered their bedroom, placing the baby monitor on the nightstand.

Jayson muted the sports channel that he’d been watching. All his grading done for the evening, he had made himself comfortable in the bed while Brooke had put Joshua to sleep. Their normally quiet kid had put up quite the fuss before bedtime. It was almost as if he knew that tonight was date night and that Jayson had plans in store to make the most of it.

“I heard. Thanks for braving the battle tonight, I’ll take the next two-bedtime shifts.”

“Oh you have got yourself a deal, sir.” She shook her hair out of the messy bun she’d spent the day wearing. “Did you call in the pizza order?”

“Yup, it should be here soon. I already folded the towels that were in the dryer and put them in the linen closet. You ready to start?”

She gave him an incredulous look. “I still need to shower Jay!”

“I thought one of the pros of having a date night at home was that we didn’t have to get all dressed up.”

Brooke shook her head. “Look at me, I’m gross.”

Jayson reached out, hooking a finger in the belt loop of her jeans, and pulled his wife closer. “Oh I’m looking at you, beautiful.”

“I feel disgusting.” She rolled her eyes at the compliment.

His hands gripped her hips and pulled her onto his lap where he kissed her, slow and deliberately. “You feel amazing to me.”

Cradled in his arms, Brooke looked up at the adoring face of her husband. “The sweet talk won’t work on me this time Romeo, I’m going to take a shower.”

Jayson playfully growled into her neck eliciting a round of giggles that melted into another loving kiss. “Fine, I’ll just have to join you in the shower… you know to keep you motivated.”

“I’m pretty sure it was one of your motivational sessions that got me here in a baby food-stained t-shirt.”

“Some of my best work too.”

His dimples were deep as he gave her that smile he liked to think had completely won her over all those years ago. Marriage had held new challenges for the two of them, but it also held new adventures. Every day he’d spent with her by his side as his wife, was also a day that he didn’t take any blessings for granted. Watching her grow from his girlfriend to his wife, and now as the mother of his son, had been the most beautiful part of his life.

She stood, pulling her shirt over her head as she walked around the bed towards the bathroom door. “I’ll jump in and out, ten minutes tops.”

That meant twenty. He gave her a skeptical glance. “Ten minutes.”

“Yeah, no more than fifteen.”

“Brookelynn!” His shoulders shook with laughter.

Brooke gave him her own flirtatious grin before disappearing into the bathroom. Moments later, he heard the shower come to life and he started the shot clock. Sure that Brookelynn was distracted in the bathroom, Jayson grabbed the baby monitor and put his plan into action. Checking to make sure Josh was still sleeping soundly, he headed downstairs to get things ready. He turned on the TV that was mounted over their mantle, getting the DVR ready to watch their show. Date nights looked a little different since Josh was born, but they had remained just as special. It was a time where he could enjoy his wife alone, and of course that was one of his favorite ways to enjoy her.

Jayson had just got a fire going in the fireplace as the doorbell rang. He scurried to answer, not wanting to give the doorbell a chance to wake his son up. Food in hand, he knew he had only a few more minutes before Brooke would be looking for him. Laying out a blanket for the two of them, he set up a little indoor picnic in front of the fireplace.

Opening up the ottoman, he retrieved the bouquet of flowers and bottle of wine he’d tucked away in secret.

“Jay?” Brooke’s voice came just before he heard her foot hit the top of the steps.

He watched his fresh-faced and beautiful wife walk down the steps in a pair of boxer shorts and one of his old t-shirts. He felt his heart skip a beat as it often did when she entered a room. The way he felt about this woman of his never ceased to make him feel more than he ever thought possible.

She took in the sight of the simple spread he’d laid out for her, a sweet smile spreading across her face almost as quickly as the tears that filled her eyes.

“Oh, Jay… you did all this for me?”

“Of course, I did. Just because we have a date night at home doesn’t mean I’m going to miss the chance to show you some romance Brookelynn.”

Crossing the room, she walked into his embrace. “My Romeo. Thank you, I needed this.”

“Thank you, baby. Thank you for all the things you do for me and our son… for our family.”

He pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Another to the tip of her nose.

One on each cheek.

And then finally her lips.


“Ohmygoshsogood.” Brooke’s pleasure was muffled as she ate her slice of pizza. Her head thrown back and eyes closed, she savored it as she chewed.

Jayson grinned, “You ready to start the show?”

Brooke checked the baby monitor for an all-clear. Joshua was sleeping soundly, just like the perfect wingman Jayson needed him to be. Thank you, son.

“Looks like we’re ready to roll.” She crossed her fingers as she set her plate to the side.

Jayson pressed play on the remote before setting it down. Lifting his arm, he gave her the unspoken invitation to sidle up next to him so they could cuddle, which she promptly took. Once they were comfortable and settled in, Jayson buried his fingers in her hair and began to lightly massage her scalp.

“You’re going to love this episode.” He caught his mistake three seconds too late.

“What do you mean, I’m going to love this episode?!” Brooke sat up in alarm, swatting his arm in outcry. “Jayson Mark Williams, did you sneak and watch without me?!”

“I’m sorry! I had a moment of weakness!”

“You cheated!”

Jayson tried his best to suppress his laughter. “I had to find out what happened next!”

Brooke gave him her best angry pout. “I am so upset with you, Mr. Williams.”

“I’ll make it up to you.”


He pressed a kiss to her neck. “I will…”

“Oh, I know you will… just wait until after the show.”

Even if he wanted to, Jayson wouldn’t have been able to stop his grin from overtaking his face. “Yes, dear.”


© COPYRIGHT 2017 by Santana Blair

Happy Anniversary to And She Called Him Romeo!

Happy Anniversary to And She Called Him Romeo!

Time flies when you’re having a blast!

I can’t believe that it’s been a year since I sent Jayson and Brooke’s love story out into the world. It’s been a journey and one that’s been made special thanks to readers like you. 
I’ve told the story before (so forgive me if it sounds repetitious) but for those who don’t know, I wrote the very first version of And She Called Him Romeo back when I was still a teenager in high school who only had dreams of one day being published. For years, I continued writing but kept the stories to myself, the fear of inviting others to read my stories keeping my dream a dream. Until I took the leap…

As this year went along as an author, I’ve had both highs and lows. I know that doesn’t make me special in the author world, but what did make me feel special is that every time I felt discouraged, I had a reader unknowingly lift my spirits with a sweet comment.
To every single person who has read this story and left kind words, please know that I’ve not only read your review, but I cherish it.
Thank you for taking a chance on a new author – your support and your word of mouth reviews and recommendation mean everything to me!
To my readers and author friends alike, thank you for all the encouragement this year!
Thank you for loving these characters and demanding more!

Thank YOU!


And now to the extra fun stuff!!!

In celebration of And She Called Him Romeo I’m giving away a super prize pack. Up for grabs is a signed paperback copy of And She Called Him Romeo, a custom ASCHR mason jar tumbler, a custom ASCHR candle, a large fabric paperback book keeper, some swag…. and a $25 Amazon gift card! Check out Facebook and IG to see some snaps of the goodies that are up for grabs — some seriously good stuff!
The giveaway starts today so get to entering and may the odds be in your favor!

And She Called Him Romeo Anniversary Giveaway

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